Freezer Counter Repairs

We repair all commercial freezer counters and we carry parts in van stock for many manufactures including:

Foster, Williams, Hoshizaki, Whirlpool, Polar, Vogue, Blizzard, Electrolux, Gram, Lec, True, Lincat, Ice-O-Matic, Manitowoc, Porkka, Precision, Genfrost, AHT, Caravell, Arcaboa, Comersa, Derby, Elcold, Fagor, Framec, Frigoglass, Frilixa, Iarp, Interlevin, ISA, Mercatus, Oscartielle, Promek, Sincold, Staycold, Tecfrigo, Tefcold, & Trimco

Reduce repair costs with planned preventative maintenance

Our maintenance schedule

Inspect all plug tops to equipment for correct fuse rating and tightness of connections. Inspect flexible leads for damage.

Examine exterior and interior of cabinet for damage.

Check condition of shelves and supports.

Inspect door seals and catches.

Inspect the fans.

Inspect the vaporiser trays for damage and contamination

Test compressor and or condenser under normal operating conditions.

Check system for refrigerant leaks.

Check expansion valve where fitted.

Clean condenser and blow out under high pressure to clear debris.

Carry out visual inspection of electrical wiring and controls.

Check defrost operation, heaters and drain pipe.

Inspect water flow, drain pan, water treatment facility and sensors for calcium contamination.

Freezer Counters

Your freezer will run more efficiently if it is kept well stocked.

More electricity is used to keep am empty freezer cold costing you more money to run.

Each time the door is opened cold air is released from the cabinet.

The more food you have in your freezer the less cold air escapes.

Commercial freezers have a large compressor which is the engine of the equipment. If this is kept in good condition through regular maintenance it is almost certain to last longer and help you to avoid an expensive repair if it fails.

As much as 80% of all compressor failures could be eliminated if the problems leading to the failure where corrected in a timely manner. One repair would far outweigh the cost of your business's refrigeration equipment being serviced and maintained for a whole year.

Fans are fitted to ensure the air flow is even throughout the cabinet.

Electronic temperature recording facilities are essential in any commercial kitchen. If you have a food poisoning accusation made against your business, good record keeping of temperature control can help to show due diligence in food safety procedures.

Refrigerant should never need to be replaced under normal operating conditions. If refrigerant must be added regularly, it means an expensive leak exists that should be repaired.

A dirty evaporator or condenser can increase heat pump electrical usage by 50% or more. Just 1/100 of an inch or dirt or film on an evaporator coil can reduce its efficiency by 5%.