Ice Machine Repairs

We repair all commercial ice makers and we carry parts in van stock for many manufactures including:

Foster, Hoshizaki, Whirlpool, Polar, Electrolux, Ice-O-Matic, Manitowoc, Porkka, Elcold, Interlevin, & Scotsman

Reduce repair costs with planned preventative maintenance

Our maintenance schedule

Inspect all plug tops to equipment for correct fuse rating and tightness of connections. Inspect flexible leads for damage.

Examine exterior and interior of cabinet for damage.

Check condition of shelves and supports.

Inspect door seals and catches.

Inspect the fans.

Inspect the vaporiser trays for damage and contamination

Test compressor and or condenser under normal operating conditions.

Check system for refrigerant leaks.

Check expansion valve where fitted.

Clean condenser and blow out under high pressure to clear debris.

Carry out visual inspection of electrical wiring and controls.

Check defrost operation, heaters and drain pipe.

Inspect water flow, drain pan, water treatment facility and sensors for calcium contamination.

Ice Machines

Commercial ice machines improve the quality of ice by using moving water.

The water runs down a surface that is kept at 0 degrees C (32F).

The purpose for this process is because only water without impurities will freeze at this temperature on a surface.

Water with impurities requires lower temperatures to freeze, so it will continue to wash down the surface and through to the waste and so avoiding being part of the ice cube.

If your equipment is in good order and kept clean you can eliminate 98% of all impurities leaving you with virtually pure clear ice.

It is essential to have some water purification on ice machines to avoid calcium damage more commonly know as lime scale.

Properly maintained equipment has a lower failure rate, frequent equipment failure can hinder the success of your business.

Regular maintenance will maximize the operating efficiency of your equipment, which will reduce your energy costs.

How to clean your machine

If your ice cube is soft, mushy or unclear your machine requires a clean.

If you clean with chemicals always run through two cycles to remove any residual chemical.


Turn off the machine

Check water treatment facility and replace if necessary

Remove the pump plug and drain the pump

Add chemical cleaner

Open valve on evaporator wall

When the equipment no longer has lime scale switch off

Close valve

Drain pump

Run for three minutes on ice to clean pump

Run on wash to circulate clean water

Drain pump

Rinse twice

Run through two cycles


Ice o Matic

Turn off the machine

Remove all ice from the storage bin

Add chemical cleaner


Leave for 10-15 minutes

Purge all chemical down the drain

Check for lime scale

Repeat if necessary

Run through two cycles