Multideck Repairs

We repair all commercial multidecks and we carry parts in van stock for many manufactures including:

Foster, Williams, Hoshizaki, Whirlpool, Polar, True, Manitowoc, Porkka, Precision, Caravell, Elcold, Fagor, Framec, Frigoglass, Frilixa, Iarp, Interlevin, Tefcold, & Trimco

Reduce repair costs with planned preventative maintenance

Our maintenance schedule

Inspect all plug tops to equipment for correct fuse rating and tightness of connections. Inspect flexible leads for damage.

Examine exterior and interior of cabinet for damage.

Check condition of shelves and supports.

Inspect door seals and catches.

Inspect the fans.

Inspect the vaporiser trays for damage and contamination

Test compressor and or condenser under normal operating conditions.

Check system for refrigerant leaks.

Check expansion valve where fitted.

Clean condenser and blow out under high pressure to clear debris.

Carry out visual inspection of electrical wiring and controls.

Check defrost operation, heaters and drain pipe.

Inspect water flow, drain pan, water treatment facility and sensors for calcium contamination.


Displaying chilled food in a retail environment is all about achieving the right aesthetics combined with the right levels of convenience and practicality.

You want the right quantities, well displayed, looking good and tasting fresh. Increasing your sales potential and enhancing your reputation as a high-quality food retailer.

There are two installation options to consider with a multideck, remote or integral.

The remote option has a condenser on the outside of the building removing the heat source from the shop or restaurant. Helping to keep the inside cool, this option will use less energy and will allow easier access for maintenance as the condensing unit is outside.

The integral has all the refrigeration equipment within or near the equipment. This will bring an additional heat source into the shop or restaurant and will require a good air flow to allow the equipment to work efficiently.

Because the equipment has more heat to deal with it has to work harder and will use more electricity.

The condenser will also require more maintenance as it will be more likely to be contaminated with dirt and grease making it less efficient and more expensive it run.