Refrigeration Cabinet Repairs

We repair all commercial refrigerated cabinets and we carry parts in van stock for many manufactures including:

Foster, Williams, Hoshizaki, Whirlpool, Polar, Vogue, Blizzard, Electrolux, Gram, Lec, True, Lincat, Ice-O-Matic, Manitowoc, Porkka, Precision, Genfrost, AHT, Caravell, Arcaboa, Comersa, Derby, Elcold, Fagor, Framec, Frigoglass, Frilixa, Iarp, Interlevin, ISA, Mercatus, Oscartielle, Promek, Sincold, Staycold, Tecfrigo, Tefcold, & Trimco

Reduce repair costs with planned preventative maintenance

Our maintenance schedule

Inspect all plug tops to equipment for correct fuse rating and tightness of connections. Inspect flexible leads for damage.

Examine exterior and interior of cabinet for damage.

Check condition of shelves and supports.

Inspect door seals and catches.

Inspect the fans.

Inspect the vaporiser trays for damage and contamination

Test compressor and or condenser under normal operating conditions.

Check system for refrigerant leaks.

Check expansion valve where fitted.

Clean condenser and blow out under high pressure to clear debris.

Carry out visual inspection of electrical wiring and controls.

Check defrost operation, heaters and drain pipe.

Inspect water flow, drain pan, water treatment facility and sensors for calcium contamination.

Refrigerated Cabinets

Regular cabinet cleaning and maintenance is essential, evaporator’s ice up with out essential maintenance causing the equipment to fluctuate in temperature.

The energy consumption will be greatly effected by poorly maintained equipment increasing you running costs by up to 40%.

Health and safety are paramount to a successful business. Food debris and any spillages can cause drain lines to block increasing the risk of air borne bacterial and food contamination.

Regular maintenance will reduce your running costs, minimise the risk of expensive repairs and keep your equipment clean and safe.

A professional refrigerator is a professional refrigerated cabinet intended to store and maintain food stuff at a temperature above 0°c, with reference point at +5°c (M1 temperature class)

A professional freezer is a professional refrigerated cabinet intended to store and maintain foodstuff at a temperature below 0°c, with reference point at -18°c (L1 temperature class)

This includes:

Professional refrigerated cabinets sold with an integral condenser or intended for use with a remote condenser

Professional refrigerated cabinets equipped with solid or transparent doors.